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See how Schubert Organization increased open rates by 13%

Shubert Organization Uses Purchasers' Geo Data to Target Messages and Increase Open Rates by Nearly 13%

Are you using your customer data to the fullest? 

New York City-based Shubert Organization was using purchase information in its email marketing, but not to its full extent. Information derived from TowerData's Email Intelligence service helped the company finetune its targeting and reach engagement goals fast.

Check out this case study to learn how Shubert Organization was able to...

  • Increase open rate and click through rate
  • Obtain and use data on their customers to create more targeted campaigns
  • Personalize the post-purchase process to increase subscriber engagement
  • Reduce opt-outs and increase customer retention

Discover how this Broadway company boosted customer engagement fast, and how you can apply this strategy to your own email marketing endeavors. Fill out the form and get your free copy!

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